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progress 4

Tho it is not quite complete, I’m quite happy with this painting. Some little tweaks yet to be done here and there. It will be fun to hear what Holy Spirit thinks about it and how He leads in the finishing.

Jenn Johnson spoke Friday morning at the Women’s Conference. She had an amazing testimony of her daughter getting a word of knowledge from Holy Spirit. It started at the beginning of church on a Sunday morning when her daughter announced, “Mom, we need to go home right now. Right now.” Jenn said ok, thinking perhaps the house was on fire. Doubt  and reservations set in on the way home and, especially, upon arriving home, and everything was ok. She asked her daughter to pray and ask Holy Spirit what this was all about. After a bit, her daughter, totally convicted, announced they had to find a young woman whose name started with an “M” or “N”. This woman was distraught and needed a word from the Lord. So – they went to Target. Long story short, they found the woman with the name starting with “N” (after a couple that weren’t) and the Lord touched her profoundly and deeply. All through her daughter, as Jenn left the mission up to her daughter with enthusiastic support. Wow – what a story of listening to our kids (and grandkids) and Holy Spirit and obedience! Yeah Jesus! I can say that in several portions of this story, I most probably would not have made the same decisions. I have much to learn.

Beni spoke in the evening. The two things that stuck me were ….

A prayer Beni has been faithful to speak over Bill since they married, “God, make him the man You want him to be.” Wow. That’s a wise woman. How often do we want our husband’s to become our idea of a good man. We’re “totally justified” knowing we know what a good Godly man looks/acts like. What would our world look like if we prayed that over our husband (or wife), over our kids, and over our best friends, daily? “God, make him/her the man/woman You want them to be.” Our world would be way different than we can ask or imagine!

Beni also spoke on courage. She brought to life Judges 4, highlighting not Deborah, but Jael. A quiet, unassuming homemaker, probably a mom, who went about God’s business with courage, determination, and quiet self-assurance. Pick up your swords!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little interlude of painting and soaking in a bit of Bethel. It is my hope to have some of you join me in October in person—to enjoy some painting, some wisdom, and the peace and relaxation of our cabin. And most importantly, Jesus!

Only Believe


progress 3

day 2 progress

This is not one of my better photographic moments. Kinda blurry and dark in the room this morning – and even a glare spot from the flash. However – as I glanced around the pic, my eyes were drawn to the framed picture in the background, which my mom painted. When I had it framed, I had her little “sketch” painting put in with it and I love the picture.

I have very fond memories of my mom. She always loved unconditionally, rebellious years and all. And she instilled the foundational thought, “You can do anything!” in me. She had the gift of wisdom.

Fun that the Lord brings her to mind this morning as the conference dwelled on love yesterday. The Lord created us—wonderful. The Lord created us—beautiful. And the Lord loves—unconditionally. Jesus loves to chat with us, about anything. And Holy Spirit can help us do and be all we are called to do and be.

Dawna had an amazing statement yesterday. “The favor on our lives does not reflect His love.” This sounds basic, but think about it. Are there times we don’t think we lived up to His expectations? When someone didn’t receive a healing, do we wonder if our prayer wasn’t good enough? When we watch someone with bunches of favor, do we think they’re more intimate with the Lord, or that perhaps they’re more the favorite that we? When we don’t receive the favor we hoped for, be careful whose voice we listen to. There’s a reason we need to take every thought captive. Give any thought of unworthiness or inadequacy or (you fill in the blank) to Him. He made us in His image. And He placed Holy Spirit in us to help us.

Live today like you believe! Joyful. Expectant. Loved. Much loved.

Thanks, Jesus. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Only believe.

progress 1

As I mentioned a blog or two ago, I am streaming the “What If…” Bethel conference and painting during worship. The image above is after worship set one. The image below is almost before worship. There is an underpainting on the canvas, yet I forgot to take a pic before I started working, so this is about 15 minutes in. Over to the right, you can see my baby painting that I am working from. I often (prefer) to work this way. Kinda like having a sketch or map of where I’m going. It let’s me worship while painting cuz I’m not trying to make the painting work. Well, at least until later.

Highlights from Beni’s message:
Trash your toxic thoughts. We all have them. We did a prophetic act of writing a thought down (not a book, just a thought), tearing it up, and throwing it in the trash. Try it. You’ll like it. We have the mind of Christ, so, simply, use it. (That sentence is mine.) Redeem your thought patterns. Remember joy, the atmosphere of heaven. Think and act from your heart, not your head. Your mind is the student. This was the “leading up to the message” message.

She spent the rest of the time talking about angels. Many of us have heard the “Wakey, Wakey” story. Beni read testimonies of those who did the “Wakey, Wakey” shout. Praise God! He is doing amazing things on the earth and its so exciting that we get to wake up angels to help us! Of course, there’s the familiar caveat, “Don’t worship angels. Don’t ignore them, either.” They are messengers of God and they bring the Kingdom. I went out on the deck and gave a “Wakey, Wakey!” shout at midnight. Now I’m waiting expectantly. My “Protector angel” is standing nearby, too, as I fondly call him. Hovering. I like that, too.

Oh – and – when we talk about the angels, they get all stirred up. When we talk about Jesus and His goodness, they listen in and are in the room with us. It just makes me smile.

God bless you richly, today!

only believe!

almost before starting • dark at 9pm these days…


Jesus to Martha, “…if you believe, you will see the glory of God.” John 11:40

Jesus to Lazarus, “Lazarus, come forth!” vs. 43

“if…” If, not when. It’s not that we wait long enough and it’ll happen. It’s a “do it” moment. We roll the stone away, step out of the boat, saying yes, without hesitation. (Some hesitation is sometimes ok. Sometimes not.) “If” is the color gray. We cannot stay in gray, we must step out of gray into color!

“believe.” The one and only. But not believe in any one or any thing, or our husband or wife, or the president. Believe in “Him who sent Me” – the light – the resurrection and the life – the open gate. The One who lights our path and will not cause us to stumble. The Mighty to save and willing to heal. Our Friend! Believe, also, that He moves at the sound of your voice. “Believe” is the color red. Believe in the power of the name of Jesus—His blood—and anything, everything!, is possible.

“glory of God.” You will see the glory. Glory: honor, applause, dazzling light, excites admiration. “The celestial light that surrounds angels.” Excellence and perfection (from Strongs). Hope. His presence as we worship. His presence as we give thanks. Majesty and splendor. White? Gold? Purple? Difficult choice.

Two marvelous testimonies came my way in the last day. One of a friend’s daughter who was healed while she sat on Poppa’s lap. Another of an in-laws’ knee, who then turned to pray for his wife and she started to feel sensation in her side, after suffering the after effects of a stroke. Jesus! (Am prompting them to tell the entire testimonies on NewDay’s fan page.)

As Reinhard Bonnke would say, “Hallelujah!”

only believe