progress 3

day 2 progress

This is not one of my better photographic moments. Kinda blurry and dark in the room this morning – and even a glare spot from the flash. However – as I glanced around the pic, my eyes were drawn to the framed picture in the background, which my mom painted. When I had it framed, I had her little “sketch” painting put in with it and I love the picture.

I have very fond memories of my mom. She always loved unconditionally, rebellious years and all. And she instilled the foundational thought, “You can do anything!” in me. She had the gift of wisdom.

Fun that the Lord brings her to mind this morning as the conference dwelled on love yesterday. The Lord created us—wonderful. The Lord created us—beautiful. And the Lord loves—unconditionally. Jesus loves to chat with us, about anything. And Holy Spirit can help us do and be all we are called to do and be.

Dawna had an amazing statement yesterday. “The favor on our lives does not reflect His love.” This sounds basic, but think about it. Are there times we don’t think we lived up to His expectations? When someone didn’t receive a healing, do we wonder if our prayer wasn’t good enough? When we watch someone with bunches of favor, do we think they’re more intimate with the Lord, or that perhaps they’re more the favorite that we? When we don’t receive the favor we hoped for, be careful whose voice we listen to. There’s a reason we need to take every thought captive. Give any thought of unworthiness or inadequacy or (you fill in the blank) to Him. He made us in His image. And He placed Holy Spirit in us to help us.

Live today like you believe! Joyful. Expectant. Loved. Much loved.

Thanks, Jesus. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Only believe.

    • jim l.
    • August 19th, 2011


    We are clay.
    It is life giving to accept our clay, even if it is broken.
    It is for something.

    • Cindy
    • September 9th, 2011

    Wonderful insignt. I’m really glad I took time to read this today. It is just what I needed to hear. Thanks, Sue, Thanks, Jesus.
    Love, Me

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