progress 4

Tho it is not quite complete, I’m quite happy with this painting. Some little tweaks yet to be done here and there. It will be fun to hear what Holy Spirit thinks about it and how He leads in the finishing.

Jenn Johnson spoke Friday morning at the Women’s Conference. She had an amazing testimony of her daughter getting a word of knowledge from Holy Spirit. It started at the beginning of church on a Sunday morning when her daughter announced, “Mom, we need to go home right now. Right now.” Jenn said ok, thinking perhaps the house was on fire. Doubt  and reservations set in on the way home and, especially, upon arriving home, and everything was ok. She asked her daughter to pray and ask Holy Spirit what this was all about. After a bit, her daughter, totally convicted, announced they had to find a young woman whose name started with an “M” or “N”. This woman was distraught and needed a word from the Lord. So – they went to Target. Long story short, they found the woman with the name starting with “N” (after a couple that weren’t) and the Lord touched her profoundly and deeply. All through her daughter, as Jenn left the mission up to her daughter with enthusiastic support. Wow – what a story of listening to our kids (and grandkids) and Holy Spirit and obedience! Yeah Jesus! I can say that in several portions of this story, I most probably would not have made the same decisions. I have much to learn.

Beni spoke in the evening. The two things that stuck me were ….

A prayer Beni has been faithful to speak over Bill since they married, “God, make him the man You want him to be.” Wow. That’s a wise woman. How often do we want our husband’s to become our idea of a good man. We’re “totally justified” knowing we know what a good Godly man looks/acts like. What would our world look like if we prayed that over our husband (or wife), over our kids, and over our best friends, daily? “God, make him/her the man/woman You want them to be.” Our world would be way different than we can ask or imagine!

Beni also spoke on courage. She brought to life Judges 4, highlighting not Deborah, but Jael. A quiet, unassuming homemaker, probably a mom, who went about God’s business with courage, determination, and quiet self-assurance. Pick up your swords!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little interlude of painting and soaking in a bit of Bethel. It is my hope to have some of you join me in October in person—to enjoy some painting, some wisdom, and the peace and relaxation of our cabin. And most importantly, Jesus!

Only Believe

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