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dreamin’ with the Dreamer

aspen leaf“God had a dream and wrapped your body around it.” Lou Engle,

God is the greatest Dreamer of all! And He has made you to make His dreams a reality here on earth! Is that exciting? Is that scary?

Possibly, probably, hopefully—yes!

Jesus had a dream. To save the world. How did He do it?

•  He kept His dream always before Him. Luke 2:49
•  He set His eyes on things above. Col 3:2
•  He listened to Poppa’s view of Himself. Mark 1:11
•  He wrote it down. K. It’s a stretch, but that might have been what He wrote in the sand. Or maybe another instance of sand writing not mentioned in the Bible. (The sand part is totally a Sue idea…) Hab. 2:2
•  He set His eyes on the goal. Ran the race. Finished well. Phil 3:14
•  He gave everything in and of Him for His Father. John 17:4
•  He had a Helper. John 16: 7

How will your dream be accomplished?

•  Meditate on it. Keep it in focus.
•  Keep your eyes on things above.
•  Know you can do anything through Him.
•  Write it down! Draw it! Perhaps someplace more lasting than in the sand.
•  Set your eyes on the goal and work towards that goal daily.
•  Give it all for the Lord!
• Chat a lot with your Helper!

Last week I read the book Dream Culture by Randy and Janine Mason. ( Check it out, check with God, and set sail on your journey!

Last weekend was Mom’s Day. My mom is with Jesus, but she was one of my greatest encouragers. She, like Holy Spirit, always told me I could be and do anything!

Only believe!

Wee House

I’m giving myself a 2-week deadline to make my Dream Board about my dream! How about you?