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As I mentioned a blog or two ago, I am streaming the “What If…” Bethel conference and painting during worship. The image above is after worship set one. The image below is almost before worship. There is an underpainting on the canvas, yet I forgot to take a pic before I started working, so this is about 15 minutes in. Over to the right, you can see my baby painting that I am working from. I often (prefer) to work this way. Kinda like having a sketch or map of where I’m going. It let’s me worship while painting cuz I’m not trying to make the painting work. Well, at least until later.

Highlights from Beni’s message:
Trash your toxic thoughts. We all have them. We did a prophetic act of writing a thought down (not a book, just a thought), tearing it up, and throwing it in the trash. Try it. You’ll like it. We have the mind of Christ, so, simply, use it. (That sentence is mine.) Redeem your thought patterns. Remember joy, the atmosphere of heaven. Think and act from your heart, not your head. Your mind is the student. This was the “leading up to the message” message.

She spent the rest of the time talking about angels. Many of us have heard the “Wakey, Wakey” story. Beni read testimonies of those who did the “Wakey, Wakey” shout. Praise God! He is doing amazing things on the earth and its so exciting that we get to wake up angels to help us! Of course, there’s the familiar caveat, “Don’t worship angels. Don’t ignore them, either.” They are messengers of God and they bring the Kingdom. I went out on the deck and gave a “Wakey, Wakey!” shout at midnight. Now I’m waiting expectantly. My “Protector angel” is standing nearby, too, as I fondly call him. Hovering. I like that, too.

Oh – and – when we talk about the angels, they get all stirred up. When we talk about Jesus and His goodness, they listen in and are in the room with us. It just makes me smile.

God bless you richly, today!

only believe!

almost before starting • dark at 9pm these days…

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