Randy and I reside in a far south tiny suburb of Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. We have a daughter, Jessica who is currently working as a missionary in the Philippines. And a son, Joe, in Madison. Both wonderful and perfect.

We have a cabin in northern Wisconsin where we love to hang out. There is a sign on the wall, “Come with Me to a quiet place and rest” from Mark. And that is what we do there (when we’re not rearranging bogs in the lake or chopping up trees that have fallen.) (Ok – I rest and Randy does all the work. When he’s not cooking for me. For real!) Sometimes I paint there, too.

Jesus and art are my passions.

“As for me, I will praise the Lord.” (Psalm 104:35)

  1. I just wanted to leave you a quick note to tell you how very blessed and encouraged I’ve been just looking at your work and reading your blog. I found you while searching for a few images for tomorrows service. You see, I’ve been a painter for about 20 years, and, as of January this year have had the blessing to also paint during worship at my church here in Fort Worth, Texas, as well a paint from my home. What I find so very incredible is how Daddy keeps bring me to people with like minded hearts. I mean, here I find you and you are not only a painter, but, also head of a Supernatural ministry school with teachings from Bethel. I get their free pod casts every week. What an amazing thing that God is doing in this time, isn’t it?? Well, I won’t keep you, but, wanted to encourage you also as to what a blessing you are!! Love, in Christ, Felica Keech-smith (Joy in the Morning Ministries) (and, yes, I’ve bookmarked your website. 🙂

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