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dead or alive

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today’s promises

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blue appliances

What could blue appliances and healing the sick possibly have in common?

1950s retro stove

As I was preparing for the message last week, my attention kept wandering to my new Atomic Ranch magazine ( I was frankly a bit disappointed in the mag because I had hoped it would be fun contemporary house ideas and instead it is more about returning 1950’s ranch-style homes to their former glory. Oh well… I still like looking at the pictures.

As I reigned my mind back in, I said, “Lord, what are you telling me?” The blue appliances (available at and blue cars stuck out in my mind. And then the 1950’s date. Blue can be symbolic of revelation. So I Googled “Spiritual happenings in the 1950’s” eager to see what or who the Lord wanted to show me. I found a few names: William Branham, Jack Coe, and A.A. Allen. How fun is this? I love it when God talks like this!

William Branham was a powerful healing evangelist, traveling and speaking across the U.S. and attracting thousands to his meetings. He had a huge bright angel that traveled with him. There was also this picture which is currently archived in the Library of Congress. See the halo? That’s not a halo of glitter and cardboard. It’s a supernatural godly halo!

William Branham

The Lord would also give Branham visions of car wrecks and people on their deathbeds and then lead Branham into the scenarios, giving him the address or location. He started Voice of Healing, a magazine that chronicled the revival of the 40’s and 50’s. Yes – he had issues later on. Just like you and me. (That’s why community is good. To replace/displace our issues with the character of Jesus.)

I think the Lord led me through all of this as a reminder of what we can carry as we turn our hearts to the Lord. There is so much more! How to tap in?

  • Spend time with Jesus. Pick a time of day to focus on Him and to ask Him what He wants to accomplish.
  • Pray for opportunities. I did this last night before a meeting and ended up sitting close to a lady whose back was incredibly tender. We went outside, I gently put my hand on her back and prayed for her. She felt tingling as Jesus brought relief. Thank you, Jesus! (She was not walking like all the pain was gone, so I need to check in with her this morning and maybe pray again.) When we went back to the table, the lady on the other side of me asked, “Did you give her an adjustment?” I smiled, “No, just Jesus.”
  • Start with thanksgiving and praise and end with thanksgiving and praise.
  • Be yourself! Sometimes its awkward to spend time in public in prayer. Be encouraged with Graham Cooke’s words, “Its always awkward, so you might as well have fun with it.”
  • Be persistent. Don’t give up. I’m grateful that Heidi Baker shares that she prayed for 200 deaf people before the first one was healed.

“Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ “ Luke 10:8

Interestingly, my fire alarm just went off three times. God is so fun! What do you think that means???

(This is part 3 of 3 about Luke 10:1-20 that we talked about on Sunday at NewDay. Did you miss Luke 10:3? Click here… or Click here for Luke 10:4.)

Only believe.
Daily Painters of Minnesota
International Abstract Artists

His good pleasure

Sometimes Jesus totally blows me away with His goodness. And then, every now and again, He seems to just wink out of the corner of His eye. He makes my heart do a little leap for joy. I can see my good friend Cara smiling, “Pure Joy.

Bird and Calla Painting by Sue Kemnitz

This happened in California recently. As you know, Callas have been frequently in my thoughts, sketches, and paintings. The fields were blooming with Calla Lillies in Mendicino. Astonishing, fascinating, and beautiful. The flowers, as well as the trees, seemed on steroids there. Huge! The whites were pure. The sun shining through the petals, sublime. (I like that word…) and the portion of the flower that makes the “cup” had breathtaking color. No kidding! I could not stop staring and admiring Jesus who created such beauty!

One afternoon we walked from our cottage at the Glendeven Inn to the main lobby for a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres. (I do not like that word. Too weird! Its the French, I suspect.) Passing by some of the Calla’s, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it just be so cool to see a bird sitting on one of them. So, I am certain you already know what happened. The very next morning, as we walked by the exact same flower on our way to the headlands, there was a bird, sitting on that exact flower.

He, Jesus, simply makes me smile. He knows our thoughts. He knows what brings us pleasure. He’s more than we can ask or imagine.

“Instead, seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you. ‘Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’ ” Luke 12:31-32

Fear not, little flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Jesus!

Only believe.

By the way – just a little trivia. Calla’s are not part of the genus of lily’s. They were mistakenly called that once upon a time, and the title stuck. Because of their trumpet shape, they are symbolic of victory.
Daily Painters of Minnesota
International Abstract Artists

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This sweetie has found a new home! So excited!

Bird and Calla Painting by Sue Kemnitz


Alleluia by contemporary artist Sue Kemnitz

…she turned when she heard Him say her name, “Mary.”
She knew it was Jesus as she saw the incredible love in His eyes—
that He would die to bring her into eternal life with Him. Forever!

Alleluia! He is alive!

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Only believe.
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the soil, the goats, and the trees

What do goats and fruit trees have in common? They live together on Haitian soil.

contemporary leaf painting by sue kemnitz

When I wrote my fund-raising letter for my recent Haiti trip, I mentioned our newly formed partnership with World Relief in Haiti with intentions to deliver goats and fruit trees to Haitian families. The exciting part of this partnership is that is fits so well with my passion to see the “greening” of Haiti. And the invitation to name our goats (Ole and Bertha) was just too much for some to pass up. Yeah, God!

On Thursday morning of our trip, we literally walked next door to an agricultural school. It houses a three-year program to teach good agricultural practices to the Haitians. There are approximately 40 students (70 goats, and hundreds of seedlings) enrolled. As we watched the goats in the pen, I quietly named goats for my sponsors, Olé and Bertha, several names are yet to come.

The goat portion of the program, goes like this: A pregnant female goat is given to a family – usually goats have twins. Five qualifications apply. The recipients must:

  1. be willing to receive education on how to care for the goats and help them to flourish.
  2. have a small piece of land for the goats to graze on. After all, the goal is to raise a flock, not a pet.
  3. pay it forward by returning a pregnant female to the program at some point. There is a vet that travels and helps bring this about. To be honest, they are still working out some kinks on this point. Lets send prayers up!
  4. have shelter available for the goat from nasty weather and perhaps the mid-day heat from the sun.
  5. be in community. In most cases this is the local church. World relief has found this to be a key ingredient so they can help each other.

At first these requirements seemed demanding, but our contacts told us a story from a few years back in another country. They gave the goats out. The farmers, not knowing any better, thought the food contained enough moisture to sustain the goats and the goats did not need any more water. Because of this misunderstanding, all the goats died off. So – education first to prevent a similar ending. These are the “5 commandments” so to speak, for the good of all in the program, humans and goats alike.

In the middle of the week, our World Relief workers Nathan and Cecelia had the pleasure of relocating 20 goats to new homes. God is good!

I just love the baby fruit trees. Truth be told, I’m way better with plants than pets. Perhaps because they only need watering once a week—they thrive on light and minimal care. Seeing so many baby trees in one spot is just plain cause for celebration! In this dry country, the baby trees had a net over the top and are watered in the beginning. They are symbolic of the harvest to come.

The seedlings remind me of a favorite parable, the sower and the seed. This parable holds me accountable. Is my soil suitable, rich even, for God’s purposes to thrive in and through me?

I was not eager to go to Haiti this time around, especially since my hubby decided not to go along this year. But I received a prophetic word that I would be incredibly blessed for being obedient to the Lord and the leaders. As I decided to go with high expectations, the Lord totally rearranged my heart. Rumor has it I showed compassion (kinda rare for me) and I fell head over heals with the country and the people, especially our excellent young translators. I honestly did not have a care in the world while there. Everything was good! And I believe it was because I decided to “break up the fallow ground,” abide in steadfast love, and seek the Lord.

While there, I read these words, “Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12

Rain on our soil, sweet Jesus! Reign over all, King Jesus!

(Next week I’m blogging on the healings Jesus did! I’m bursting to share!)

Only Believe.

contemporary leaf painting by sue kemnitz
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