like a rushing wind

Acts 2 Holy Spirit by Sue Kemnitzlike a rushing wind

Once again, I am reading through the book of Acts. And I thought, this time, how it might be fun (a.k.a. challenging) to sketch the book of Acts. I’d love to have people join me in this adventure. So – you artists out there – pick up your sketchbooks and pencils, or clay, or dance, or guitar and lets creatively do the book of Acts.  Jump in! What will the Lord think? The sketch I started with yesterday is posted on Facebook.

“And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2

Have you ever seen this happen? We were at Jesus Culture last summer in Chicago and they showed videos of some of Reinhard Bonnke’s African meetings. There were thousands upon thousands of people there. What moved me the most was when Bonnke drew his arm across in front of him, and a wave of the Holy Spirit hit the crowd. Just like a wave at a football game, only better, the entire crowd went down under the weight and breath of the Holy Spirit.

That’s a Wow with a capital W.

I believe it is intimacy with Jesus that enables the mighty, might wind of the Spirit to blow through a place. Just like Acts 1 and 2. They knew Him. They knew His promise to send the Holy Spirit. They gathered. They worshiped. They prayed. They persevered.

Lets do it. Lets worship with childlike excitement. Lets pray with expectancy. Lets partner with Him and create. Lets keep it up until it happens!

What will the Lord do? What do you think?

Only believe!

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