Growing in favor

Jesus grew in favor.

Light of LIfe

In Luke 2:41ff Joseph and Mary take the kiddos to Jerusalem for Passover, a yearly tradition for the family. They remembered, worshiped, and celebrated. Within the tradition, Joseph taught Jesus and the boys faithfulness. After the feast and the festival, Joseph, Mary and most of the family packed up and left, along with the extended family and the entire neighborhood.

While on their donkeys the next day, Joseph leans over and says, “Mary, do you think Jesus had a good time?” Mary replies, “Why don’t you ask him,” and then, to their dismay, no one can find Jesus! They spend the evening checking in with all the relatives and neighbors to see if he’s hanging out with the cousins. Nope. They head back to Jerusalem. And then spend an entire day looking for Jesus, only to find him in the Temple; asking questions, learning from the scholars, and listening to the Father.

When Mary and Joseph found him, it was Jesus who asked the question of the day…”Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” (Vs. 49) Implied in this innocent question is, “You know me well enough to know that I love being in my Father’s presence.” A discipline Jesus enjoyed way before the annual trip to the Temple. It was a favorite pastime, when Jesus was 12—and when he was 30. He may not have even realized his parents had left.

This question also emphasizes a new season, turning from his father’s house to his Father’s house. Knowing he is the Son of God, staying pure and obedient—there is nothing more important than feasting on the Words and ways of the Father. Being intentional about learning from those more knowledgeable, and listening to Holy Spirit. In other words, preparing for a life of ministry.

“And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers” (vs. 47). Jesus sought the teachers, listened, learned, gained understanding, and discussed respectfully.

Mary was at first anxious, as we would all be, but as she looked into the loving eyes of her son, she realized, indeed, Jesus was just about his Fathers business—another tidbit to ponder and the beginning of a turning that two decades later, Mary herself brought to completion (as Jesus turns water to wine).

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man” (vs. 52). He grew in wisdom, becoming spiritually attuned to the Father. He was human, so literally grew in stature. And favor, with God and man. He was pleasing in the sight and heart of both His heavenly and earthly buddies. Two thousand years later, we still seek Him.

At the end of this, I want to look into His eyes and see that incredible love. I want to be in His presence. I want to grow in favor. Thankfully, I can do all three.

Three things I ask of you. Reflect. Comment. And pass this on…

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    • Cindy
    • March 27th, 2012

    As I read this, I thought about the water-to-wine miracle. Mary knew Jesus could return a miracle on her request. How did she know this? I think of the conversations they must have had. Maybe even some miracles at home that preceded the first miracle we know of in the Bible. Maybe this was Jesus’ first public miracle, but others in private had prepared Mary for the faith that gave her confidence to tell the servants to do as He said, knowing how it would turn out. Maybe she just knew He could do it because He was the Son of God. Cool to ponder what it could have been like to be Jesus Mama.

    • Tana Koch
    • March 28th, 2012

    Sue, Thank you, how beautiful is the presence of Jesus and the Father in us, around us , all about us since we seek Him. I cannot contain His fullness it must manifest out, exploding His colors (fruits of the Holy Spirit) everywhere I go. You are an explosion of His colors literally in your artwork and writings about God. How beautiful, you being you until you are full.

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