a quiet place

Tall Trees

a quiet place of tall trees

The Lord brought Mark 6 to me last week. I read it over a couple of nights before falling asleep at night, wondering what I was to learn. And after some reflection, I believe it is this, “Come with me to a quiet place and rest.” (vs. 31 and 32)

The ESV says, “desolate.” In other translations, it says lonely and quiet. Desolate and lonely and quiet places with the Lord are beautiful! It is in His wisdom, that He reminds us we need to refill and refuel and refresh… And what better place than a place without distractions, an alone place, where we can visit with the Lord and let His Spirit rejuvenate us.

Jesus and the disciples stay in the boat, away from the crowds. And then they “teach…many things” and feed many people with a couple loaves of bread and two fish.

Again, in verse 46, the Lord “departs to the mountain to pray…He was alone on the land.” And, after He visits with the Father, He goes for a walk on the water. Is it possible that alone time with God enables us to walk on water?

I would suggest that it is not only possible, but a Kingdom reality. It is the alone times that guard our hearts and minds and keep them in Christ Jesus. The desolate times can elevate us to a place where we can “feed” multitudes. Where we become whole, healthy, and fruitful. Most importantly, we soak in His love and love Him in return.

Especially in this season, being bombarded with a worldly wisdom that implies that the perfect worldly gift will yield happiness; remember that we are not of this world. It is the only the Father of Lights who gives the perfect Gift. And joy.

So. join me, and guard your heart this season. Set your mind on Him, and things above. Be thankful and praise Him for what He has done and is doing.

Stay wrapped and warm in His Spirit.

And be blessed! Abundantly!

Only believe.

“Come with me to a quiet place and rest.” (Mark 6:31)

Tall Trees
susan b kemnitz, art & design

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  1. December 20th, 2011

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