Prophetic Art Retreat

Join us for a prophetic art retreat at the cabin – “in the beginning, God created…”

  • Dates: Wednesday, October 19, 4pm — Friday, October 21, 5pm
  • Cost: $100 – Covers meals, the streaming of the beginning of IMAGINARIAN Festival, and art supplies. And, of course, the cabin.*

See the IMAGINARIAN Festival, Igniting the Art of Creative Life, for more information. Note that we will only watch/stream the beginning of the Festival.

Acrylic paints, colored pencils, pastels, and collage materials will be provided. You may choose to do another art form, but you will need to bring your own materials for it. We will spend time chatting about the prophetic in art, process, design and the Holy Spirit in the finished products.

Come expecting to hear God, create with God, and talk about God.

Contact Sue by October 1, if you’re interested. A $25 deposit is also required by October 1. Click here to make the deposit by credit card. (You will be redirected to my website.)

Love and blessings to all!

Only believe!

* The cabin is 2.5 hours northeast of the Twin Cities. Directions will be forthcoming.

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