healing from the Healer

Hopeful HannahToday my back is 98% whole and healthy. It feels like a long time since I wrenched it picking up a large pot of herbs I have growing on the back deck. I felt the pull when I first lifted the pot but did not feel the full effects until several hours later, when I got out of the car after a 3-hour drive. Then I could hardly stand up, or sit down for that matter. The initial healing started right away as I prayed over it. I kept seeing Jesus kissing my “boo-boo” I share that with you because I believe it is true. Jesus loves to care for us. As moms (and dads), would we have not learned that from Him?

Last Saturday at the ND Healing Rooms, when it was at about 70%, the prayer ministers prayed over me. I don’t remember many words, but do remember the feeling of Jesus and His warmth covering my entire body. His Presence is everything and things happen there—in His Presence.

Today, I’m thankful for much, but especially for Jesus, who created us to love to be with Him in His Presence. Receiving His kisses, His joy, and the warmth of—Him.

Only believe.

Hopeful Hannah

Hopeful Hannah

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