Laura’s Respite

Jesus eyes


I asked Laura Thompson, poet extraordinaire, to write this week’s post.
She is a friend and lover of Jesus! Enjoy!


My Respite…

” The One Thing I ask of the LORD—
The thing I seek most
is to live in the house of the LORD
all the days of my life,
delighting in the LORD’S Perfections
and Meditating in HIS Temple.” (Psalm 27:4)

My greatest desire is to
Dwell in the Prevailing Presence of OUR GOD
each Moment of each Day.

To be Transformed, Transfixed and Captivated
by HIS Words and HIS Ways
in such a manner that My Life Becomes
One Unbroken Gaze fixed upon
OUR FATHER’S Heavenly Beauty.

I know that in any given day
I will encounter Impassable Valleys
and Tumultuous Heights,
but my Heart and Soul can Rest Assured
that The LORD Longs
to Climb these Mountains Tethered to Me.

HE will never let Me go from HIS SIGHT.
HE will never FORSAKE Me.
I must learn to allow HIM to completely Envelop Me

I yearn to Practice Beautifully,
the Art of Gazing into HIS FACE
for the Privilege of Always Longing to Live
under the Favor of HIS Splendid Smile.

HE is My Respite.
HE is My Home.
Always and Forever.

~Laura Thompson~

May you live, in His gaze today.

Only believe.

Jesus eyesthe eyes of Jesus.

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