blind, lame, and paralyzed.

waterHere’s a recap of the story in John 5:2-9 (esv). By the Sheep Gate of the Temple, there is a pool where the miraculous takes place. Those that are sick—blind, lame, or paralyzed—wait until the pool gets stirred up (possibly by an angel) and then the first one to dive into the pool gets healed. By this pool is a man who has been sitting there for 38 years.

The blind, lame and paralyzed jumped out at me. And this is what struck me.

The blind cannot see past the natural.
The lame cannot get to the pool. They’re busy waiting.
The paralyzed are stuck, unable to move.

And although I don’t like it very much, that’s often the picture of me. When I can’t find an answer, I’m not seeing from the Lord’s perspective. When I drag my feet, I let other things get in the way. And when I’m fearful, I can’t move. At all.

Enter Jesus. This one man, in the multitude, caught Jesus’ eye. What did Jesus see? Did He see crutches, a worn out mat, and desperation? Or did He see faith and trust?

How does Jesus respond? Jesus simply says, “Get up. Take up your bed and walk.” Eight simple words and the power and grace this man needs is released!

Jesus gives sight to the blind. I simply need to look from His heavenly perspective.
Jesus inspires faith. Simply walk. Step out.
Jesus replaces fear with perfect love. I simply need to trust.

I can hear, even from my own thoughts, “It’s simply not that simple.” Perhaps not. But perhaps it is. It all depends on Whom I am listening to.

Today, I choose to be led (by the Spirit). Seeing, walking, and in love. Perfect, in Him! Jesus! Joy!

Only believe.


This old small painting of mine reminds me the pool and the beauty of water.

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