Jesus—in the clouds and right here.

concealed_byKemnitzThat was the thought that struck me as I was walking late in the afternoon this past weekend. It seems an odd thought, a conundrum of sorts. (Don’t you love that word?)

We know that Jesus is coming on a cloud. Future tense. He’ll be here and that will be the end of planet earth as we know it and the beginning of planet earth “post Revelation.” He’s even on a horse on the cloud. Sidenote: are there angels riding horses in the sky right now, but we can’t see them? I think so! Back to Jesus, scripture says Jesus is coming on the clouds and then we will live with Him for eternity. All well and good. Excellent, marvelous, and wonderful, even!

We heard a testimony the other evening of a man who, on the brink of suicide, experienced the weight of His glory enter the room. Though he was kneeling by his bed, he could not even see his bed because of the glory. His presence—the tangible, overwhelming, presence of Jesus—in the room. Now that would be right here!

I have never experienced that intense of a visitation from Jesus, but I have decided to ask for it. What He does for one, He’ll do for each of us. I’ll let you know, unless He asks me not to tell you.

In the meantime, Jesus truly is right beside us. He is only a glance, a question or a thought away. A prayer away. When I close my eyes and feel Him close, He’s aways brilliant. I want to see Him with my eyes open, tho. Do you? Have you? Let me know, if you can.

Until He comes on the clouds…

Only believe!


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