hands and feet.

Philippine friendSpending Christmas and New Years in the Philippines is a different sort of holiday. Beautiful and tragic at the same time. Although there is stark poverty in the US, I’m not sure it compares to the Philippines. I have never seen so many tin roofs or shacks. Literally thousands upon thousands of them.

And yet in the midst is Kids International Ministries (K.I.M., kidsim.org), an oasis of love, hope, and Jesus. There is a Children’s Home to love on babies through age 12. There is a trade school start-up to give the Filipinos a step out of poverty. I met a wonderful young lady who is teaching women to style hair and give massages, keeping them off the streets and teaching them a way to earn a living. I met a team from Australia who plays basketball in the community, spreading the Gospel at “half time.” And then of course, there’s Jessica, teaching art as a missionary to kids who wouldn’t have the exposure otherwise. It’s incredible. Beautiful, really. Truly the hands and feet of Jesus.

It reminds me to be intentional about spreading His love and grateful at the same time. I’m thankful for a daughter, who has chosen to share His Light with those in foreign places, and K.I.M. Grateful for the NewDay ministry school that gives students confidence to share in our country, where people are just as hungry and thirsty, but where it is not as outwardly obvious. Thankful for my many friends and a hubby that believe in power, the Word, and His love. Grateful most of all for Jesus, who gave it all for us, His much loved children.

No matter where, Christmas is still about Christ, and New Years is about sharing Him with the one right in front of us.

Lord, Help me to be a sold-out lover of You and your children where ever they are, a hope-bringer, a grateful and joy-filled “be-er” and “do-er.” 2011, here we come!

Only believe.

“Praise be to the LORD, for he showed me the wonders of his love when I was in a city under siege.” Psalm 31:21

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