pineAs I was driving to class this past Tuesday afternoon, the smell of pine trees floated through the car. I was intentionally thinking about Jesus, about His stories from Monday evening and the goodness of Jesus. How in this time and place He’s releasing a revelation of His love. As I was thinking about His goodness, the fragrance came in the car. My favorite fragrance. Could only be Jesus—not a pine tree in sight. Jesus.

As I reflected on it over the next several days, I thought of the end of John (20:14), where Mary hears Jesus in back of her, and when she turned and focused on Him, really focused on Him, His presence became apparent. I love that thought. Focus on Him and He is present. Draw near to Him and He draws near to us. Listen for Him and He whispers.

Right now, in this time, this place, this season, He’s an encounter waiting to happen. He’s wanting to love on you. He’s in front of you, in back of you, on each side, above and below. Pause and ponder.

Love. Light. Brilliant. Majesty. Splendor. That would be Jesus.

“Arise my love, my beautiful, and come away with me.” Song  of Solomon 2:10

“How exquisite Your love, O God! How eager we are to run under Your wings.” Psalm 36:10

Only believe.

•  •  •

soaring, too

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