The past week or so, I’ve been drawn to the story in Matthew 14:24-33, Peter walking on the water. I see so many “faces” of Jesus in the passage.

To set the stage:
Jesus has had a busy day, emotionally and in ministry, and has sent the disciples ahead by boat. Jesus retires to be alone. Later that night, the disciples find themselves amidst high waves and choppy seas. Jesus, not having a boat (which is not a problem for Jesus) walks out to them.

As Jesus walks towards them, the disciples don’t recognize him, even though He is walking right towards them. Face one: sometimes He’s smack in front of us, and yet we don’t, or can’t, quite grasp that He’s Here. Jesus’s response? “Take courage!”

Peter calls out, “Tell me to come to you on the water!” Face two: Jesus Releasing Power. That which couldn’t be accomplished without Him, is accomplished by the power of Words.

Peter gets distracted by the wind. He sees the wind. Did you catch that? “Sees” the wind. Taking his eyes off Jesus, Peter is distracted. Face three: Jesus Waits for the cry for help.


Face four: Jesus is Instantly Close, reaches out and catches Peter. “Why did you doubt?”

The storm is over.

I am captured by the four faces of Jesus in this short adventure.

• He’s Here. Within our eyesight, or not. Take courage.
• Jesus Releases Power. All is possible with Him.
• Jesus Waits. For our cry.
• Jesus is Instantly Close. Catching us. Supporting us. Calming the storm.

Often, I pray, “I want to see Your face.” Each of these glimpses, in the midst of a problem, is an opportunity to see Him anew. Imagine the possibilities as we look around.

Would love to hear of your sightings.

“Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.” Matthew 14:33

•  •  •

soaring, too

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